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A thought provoking videos on

Matthiew Recard:  “How to let altruism be your guide”

Abha Dawesar:”life in the digital now” 12:01 Creates awareness in us about who controls us.
” A better you.” curated by Ted. 13 talks- 2:15:15
Neil Burgess: “How your brain tells you where you are” very interesting. 9:03
An audio by David Brooks: ” Should you live for your resume.” 5:01



Hi, Robert , how is your work progressing?

imageIt had been a while since we have talked.  How did your vocation go?  Now that you are towards the end of this program, you might be feeling somewhat relaxed.  Myself, still exploring this software which is not to my liking, even though I have a premium site.  What you taught me was very valuable to me; as you can see, I have an image posted, where two hands are holding a lit earthen lamp, seeking the blessings of almighty.  Unlike in the western world we Hindus like cow worshipping  instead of having a dog in the house. In our old civilization most households had a cow as a source of milk, and the animal was treated like a pet and was revered.

Im trying hard to thread my blogs to be properly threaded and have all the tags far getting no where.  I’m known to be persistant and perseverant, let me keep trying.


My Blogs’ Policy

I don’t feel slighted in admitting that with the assistance of my instructor and a fellow friend Robert I have originated these templates. All the contents/ writings of these blogs are solely my own opinions and thoughts. I clearly state that when this is not so, I do not wish to receive any compensation or reward for this.

Your comments are welcome. I do not moderate comments, so they are posted regardless of the opinions they express. The expectations to this are rude and coarse language, spasm and discriminatory or offensive comments; which will be removed without warning. Please respect the thoughts and opinions included!

The photos belong to National Geography, Ryutheme and quotes from Pinterest. Video talks are from Ted.Com.
Robert I liked the pictures you created for me. My blogs contain links to other blogs/ websites/ videos etc.
I’m including these links for reference for which I’m not accountable for the content they contain.
I appreciate all those blog creators who in-culled inspiration in me to move on..thank you to all my class mates.

PS My special thanks to my high profile husband who tolerated my ambition for new e learning. I believe in continued education!
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