DSC_5119</ Constrains of time, family routines and occasional teaching did not enhance much growth in my knowledge of digital and social communicating stretagis but I’m not disheartened to further education and hands on practice in it. My effort to explore this world has inspired me enough that I shall continue to do so. I’m proud to say that I had the opportunity of meeting all of you high profile professionals! Your fascinating blogs with pictures and marvellous quotes are superb. Your mind boggling talents, your art works and curated videos have impressed me. I also walked through the URLs/Websites, and http:/ files and the techniques of creating, inserting media into the blogs as well. The joy of creating pod cast videos and still pictures was quite a fascinating experience for me.   Suffice to say that I had quite a challenging journey  in achieving success and that kept me pushing forward.  I need to practice all this in my leisure without the fear of University exams. Wish me luck, and join me some day for a 10 minutes freshly created Indian lentil soup with all grains and Vegie salad.

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