Hi, Robert , how is your work progressing?

imageIt had been a while since we have talked.  How did your vocation go?  Now that you are towards the end of this program, you might be feeling somewhat relaxed.  Myself, still exploring this WordPress.com software which is not to my liking, even though I have a premium site.  What you taught me was very valuable to me; as you can see, I have an image posted, where two hands are holding a lit earthen lamp, seeking the blessings of almighty.  Unlike in the western world we Hindus like cow worshipping  instead of having a dog in the house. In our old civilization most households had a cow as a source of milk, and the animal was treated like a pet and was revered.

Im trying hard to thread my blogs to be properly threaded and have all the tags attached..so far getting no where.  I’m known to be persistant and perseverant, let me keep trying.