My Blogs’ Policy

I don’t feel slighted in admitting that with the assistance of my instructor and a fellow friend Robert I have originated these templates. All the contents/ writings of these blogs are solely my own opinions and thoughts. I clearly state that when this is not so, I do not wish to receive any compensation or reward for this.

Your comments are welcome. I do not moderate comments, so they are posted regardless of the opinions they express. The expectations to this are rude and coarse language, spasm and discriminatory or offensive comments; which will be removed without warning. Please respect the thoughts and opinions included!

The photos belong to National Geography, Ryutheme and quotes from Pinterest. Video talks are from Ted.Com.
Robert I liked the pictures you created for me. My blogs contain links to other blogs/ websites/ videos etc.
I’m including these links for reference for which I’m not accountable for the content they contain.
I appreciate all those blog creators who in-culled inspiration in me to move on..thank you to all my class mates.

PS My special thanks to my high profile husband who tolerated my ambition for new e learning. I believe in continued education!
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