I’m not ashamed to be a luddite in the field of technology who
had been not been exploring this field seriously.
In all fairness I’m a progressive learner who vacillated too long for my own inhibitions. Here I’m so happy to be part of you all with the help of Donna. My main objective is to have hands on the various modern devices relating to Technology. I do not read much but I enjoy exploring sites such as Ted.com. Food.ca
YouTube. My interests are in health, food, peace and many more.

  1. I have a family of five high profile residents. 

  •  My husband, retired but extremely busy in leading a healthy life style and maintaing our family dog, cars, household chores etc.  
  • My two daughters who are practising lawyers.  
  • Myself,  quite active in occasional teaching, SCS e learning 2875 15 Foundations Of Digital Communicative Strategies and Social Media Communicative strategies plus keeping up with active life styles gym, socializing, cooking, and fashion world.  
  • Our family dog Mitsy, who is under a strict diet plan, very obstinate in her demands of food and toilet.

About Me, Winter