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About Me

My Rationale of My Goals

image Made an effort to be part of this program SCS e learning 2875 015 in Fond. Of Dig.Com. Strategies and Social Med.Com.Strategy January 17, 2015 was my first day @UFT Mississauga campus for SCS e learning 2875 015 in Fond. Of Dig.Com. Strategies and Social Med.Comm. Strategies. It was quite an innovative experience for me. Our instructor Donna Papacosta, (pod cost) gave us an in depth understanding of this course and Martin Maxwell( social Media) gave us a very motivating talk. The day was long and informative of the Digital and social media’s communicative strategies. Donna had crafted the full day lesson plan with trustworthy strategies and successfully selected and integrated online tools into content marketing and social media communications. We were given enough opportunity to explore Content Rules ( Content Rules by Ann Handlley& CC Chapman, and work on creating blogs by using WordPress Software, as our homework assignments. Collecting homework and updated information from the instructor’s BlackBoard was my first EXPOSURE. IINTEGRATION Introducing ourselves to fellow friends through Black Board Creating website/URL and accounts settings were very challenging task for me. Making connections with the communities on various sites such as Google+ , Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Facebook, Mashables, Instagram, Working with this software was my biggest challenge and still I have few unsolved I need further hands on practice. Donna constantly filled us with all kinds of links, websites references etc. Inviting Wayne Macphail for video and photographic strategies was an other supportive and encouraging lesson. CREATING A VIDEO on iPhone with my fellow friends was a TRUSTWORTHY STRATEGY to successfully select and integrate BUILDING TRANSPARENT RELATIONSHIP with the communities. I chose to stay connected but it was quite a phobic experience for me. I stayed connected in moderation but my biggest fear was not to be involved with undesirable type of people. Also they were mostly sellers of products /services in which I was not interested. This was a very intense program for me as I was the only novice at this platform having no experience. APPLICATIONS. I would say I did not get leverage integration but I did get good knowledge and experience in application. ENHANCEMENTS in my blog Implementchange

About Me


What motivated me:
christmas 2014 was approaching and my both daughters started coaxing me, “stop coasting mom, it is winter of your life, go and explore something enjoyable to do out.” This made me thoughtful. I spent good two three days in thinking and rethinking. Finally came to my terms, that it is technology wlhere I need to explore my future. I made up my mind to join the university for this e learning
2875 15.
Now I was contemplating the challenges I had. How to get enrolled on line, do I have funds to spare, what do I wish to accomplish.. Few more.
As I’m by nature, persistent, perseverant, and passionate. Once I take a decision I stick to it.
I started exploring in my mind about my inhibitions, and finally took my stand and got myself registered, paid my funds and joined my first class on Mississauga campus.
Indeed, it was a very innovative and rewarding day for me.



A thought provoking videos on

Matthiew Recard:  “How to let altruism be your guide”

Abha Dawesar:”life in the digital now” 12:01 Creates awareness in us about who controls us.
” A better you.” curated by Ted. 13 talks- 2:15:15
Neil Burgess: “How your brain tells you where you are” very interesting. 9:03
An audio by David Brooks: ” Should you live for your resume.” 5:01

About Me

My Goals

imageMy Goals 

Explorations, Integration/ in depth familiarity with technology of
Digital, social and mobile platforms’ communicative strategies.
A trustworthy strategy to successfully select and integrate online  tools into my marketing and social communications programs
( Toronto District School Board) ( e learning).
Build a transparent relationship with the communities I choose to connect with.
Leverage integration of change for my social and digital communication strategies in my learning.